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Zach's interest in acting all started with him being a featured actor for the Rawlings apparel and Football commercials. Right off the bat, Zach knew he loved being in front of the camera. In 2013 Zach up and moved out to Los Angeles from the midwest. Within the first month of moving, Zach landed his first role in the TV Series East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints. 

2022 - The Re-Education Of Molly Singer - Stu

2021 - Collection - Nico

2020 - Dave on FX - Nick (Guest Star)

2019 - Fight Rich - Writer/ Exec. Producer/ Lead Actor

2019 - Witness Infection (post-production) Mickey

2019 Lucifer (TV Series)

- Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno (2019) ... Judd


 2019 Justice For Vincent (Short)
Mickey Stevens


2019 Soul Hunters (Lead)


2017 Grey's Anatomy (TV Series)
MP Curtwreight

- Danger Zone (2017) ... MP Curtwreight


2017 Get Shorty (TV Series)


 - The Pitch (2017) ... Superhero


2016 The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead (TV Series)
Sgt. Brian Curtis

- Swept Under the Rug (2016) ... Sgt. Brian Curtis


 2016 Hard Pack (Short)


2015-2016 Kingdom (TV Series)
Navy St. Gym Fighter

- No Sharp Objects (2016) ... Navy St. Gym Fighter

- Late to Leave (2016) ... Navy St. Gym Fighter (uncredited)

- Cut Man (2016) ... Navy St. Gym Fighter (uncredited)

- Help Wanted (2016) ... Navy St. Gym Fighter (uncredited)

- Do Not Disturb (2016) ... Navy St. Gym Fighter (uncredited)

  *10 episodes


2016/III Dialogue (Short)
Chris Becker


2016 House of Darkness (TV Movie) Paramedic


2015 East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints (Documentary) (completed) Roman General


Stunts (1 credit)

 2017 Kingdom (TV Series) (stunt double - 2 episodes)

- Cactus (2017) ... (stunt double: nick jonas)

- All Talk (2017) ... (stunt double: nick jonas)

Hide  Miscellaneous Crew (1 credit)

 2015 The Perfect Physique (Documentary) (production assistant)

Hide  Self (2 credits)

 2017 In the Limelight with Lawrence Chau (TV Series)
Himself (2017)

 2016 Superhuman (TV Special)
Ripped Guy


Acting Education:

- The Actors Workshop (OC)

    -RJ and Rob Adams



Commercials Credit:


2011 - Rawlings Football Helmet Commercial

2012 - Rawlings Football Gear Commercials

2014 - Southwest Airlines

2015 - Wealthfront

2015-2019  - Impex Fitness Equipment

                   - Marcy Fitness

                   - Steel Body

                   - Walmart

                   - Target

                   - Amazon





Romance Novel Covers, Muscle and Fitness, Men's Fitness, GQ, and more. Zach started his journey in the fitness industry back in 2010 where he first posed as the perfect body for a local supplement company. With success in being published in a few fitness magazines, including Men's Fitness, Zach wanted more.


After meeting Greg Plitt in 2012 at the Arnold Classic the two started to become friends over the years. Greg was always trying to push Zach towards his true potential, getting him in touch with the right contacts, and urging him to make his move to LA.


In 2013, Zach made the leap of faith and moved from the MidWest out to Los Angeles. Zach continues to focus on his acting, and being a role model and inspiration via means of fitness, training, helping others, and motivating those to achieve their goals.

Muscle and Fitness

Men's Fitness

12 Romance Novels


Men's Muscle and Fitness

Marcy Fitness


Mean's Health

Impex Fitness

Steel Body Fitness



“The most valuable asset we have on earth, is a depreciating asset of time. Knowing that every single day we’re losing our opportunity, our ability to become what we want to be and do in this life, to turn that dream into a reality.” - Greg Plitt


We all have one life to be the best version of ourselves we can be. To go after what makes us tick inside, what brings forth the most joy and honor to ourselves. A life to where we can look ourselves in the mirror every night and know we gave that day OUR truth! 

Life is a marathon it’s not a sprint. There’s no quick fix to any long term situation. When it comes to to anything you do in life, how it starts, it starts in your mind, the perception of how you see it. Whatever the truth or reality is in life, the perception of how you see it is ten times greater that the reality of the truth itself. In the journey of life it’s a short but long run, but the person that stands at the end with their hand raised is the one that never gave up, that fell down again and again only to learn from their failures and move on. A person that stood for something inside and took a leap of faith, not one that fell into the cog in the wheel and just followed societies rhyme to reason. The one that lives the greatest life, isn’t the one with the best genetics, the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, or the most potential but moreso the one with the greatest perseverance. The one that took that leap of faith and believed in themselves no matter how many people told them it wasn’t possible. The one that stood for character building blocks like: dedication, sweat equity, perseverance, integrity. The one that puts the best foot forward towards the good of life no matter what struggle may come their way. Their core values inside can never be bought, purchased or levied. It’s a testament within that they are a man or woman of good and truth, and that truth is always the action they choose to take leap with, not society’s rhyme or reason but an energy within that is parlayed with belief and backed with hard work and character. 


I believe everyone was out on this planet for a reason. You must find that reason by listening to yourself, your inner voice, your dreams, the character within. And with that, any dream is a possibility. It’s not about your genetics, it’s not about your potential. It’s about your perseverance. It’s not about luck, it’s about training towards that goal, whatever it is so that when a opportunity presents itself you can attack it with a trained ability. Luck is nothing more than a trainer ability colliding with an opportunity. 


Chase yourself, better yourself, and know that what you do in life matters. It’s a spreading butterfly effect that affects initially those around you but blossoms into a massive butterfly effect that changes the world. One word.. GO!

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